Magnificent in Monochrome

This young Red-headed Woodpecker (who as of yet has no red on his head!) made his first solo appearance to the Bark Butter branch today.

red1 red2

I have been waiting for this handsome guy to get close enough, and linger long enough, for me to get some better photos, so I was pleased when he obliged.

red6 red7

Doesn’t he look like he’s a part of a an old black and white movie where I’ve colorized the scenery around him?



One day he will grow up to be vibrant and colorful like his folks…

red8 red9

…but for now, I’d say he looks pretty magnificent in monochrome!


13 thoughts on “Magnificent in Monochrome

  1. Good captures of the junior! I had RHW for nesting in my backyard for a few years and then left. I wish they return! Thanks for the post Kathy! 🙂

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