So, how do you like my new feeder?  I can tell you one thing, it is fast becoming a favorite of my backyard birds!

To learn more about this feeder just click on the photo!

This fun new addition was sent courtesy of the fine folks over at Bird Feeders Etc., who stumbled across my blog, enjoyed the photos and writing style, and said something like, “Hey, how would you like to be a guest blogger on our site?”  They also offered to send me a new feeder (picture me as Pavlov’s dog when that offer was made!) with the hopes that if I liked it I could feature it in a couple of posts.

Well, I do like it, so how about I share four reasons why, along with four photos of birds that have already become regulars diners.

  1. Beautiful Bamboo – Earthy and rustic, this feeder simply looks lovely hanging in my backyard.  Not only that, the beautiful grain of the bamboo adds a nice touch when taking bird pictures.
White-breasted Nuthatch

2. Plenty of Perches – This feeder offers ample space for the birds to land when they arrive.  They can perch on the roof, stand on the ledge, or cling to the wire mesh.  Hey, everyone likes options, right?

Carolina Chickadee

3. Assortment of Seed – You are not limited to one type of seed with the way this feeder is made.  You can pack it full of peanuts, fill it with sunflower seeds, or load it up with whatever mixture you choose.

Carolina Wren

4 – Quality Construction – This is not one of those flimsy feeders that you regret buying before you even have it hung; this one is built to last.  A bonus is that the design is bird friendly, but not squirrel friendly.  I have yet to see one of those pesky rodents pilfering the seed!

Brown-headed Nuthatch

I’m already thinking that this bambeautiful feeder will make a great Christmas gift – so Dad, if you’re reading this, act surprised when you open your presents!

By the way, this month, if you click on the banner below and sign up for their newsletter, you can use the code BIRDNERD22 and get 22% off your first order.



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  1. An elegant design too. I see the birds like to pick whilst hanging off the wire, and I suspect the edge that stands out a little from the wire means the seeds don’t get wet that easily when it rains. Clever. The birds look happy, Kathy!

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