My Favorite Migrator

October is a busy month for birds here in the Atlanta area.
Many of them have begun the long flight to their winter homes and stop by for a brief visit en route.  The other day, I looked out in the backyard and was pleased to see my favorite migrator, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


This fellow is a youngster and is still losing the brown feathers of his youth.  Although he started off as the spittin’ image of his tan-toned Mama, he is now beginning to display the black and white boldness of his Dad and is already sporting the tell-tale rose tinged breast.

Most of the time, he stayed concealed among the Dogwood leaves, busily munching on berries to fuel up for the rest of his journey.  Getting a picture of him felt like a game of Peek-a-boo where I was continually on the losing end.

grosbeak3 grosbeak2

It was fascinating to watch him eat several berries, and then carry one over to a notch in the branch for easier dining.

grosbeak5 grosbeak6

Every once in awhile, he would head down to the fountain for a quick drink, and then get right back to his feasting.


A female has been tagging along with him, but she has been hesitant to come close when I have been out with my camera.  There is such a gentle loveliness about this shy gal.


Once his belly was sufficiently full, the young fellow settled on a branch for a brief rest, and then off he flew for another round of berries.

grosbeak8 grosbeak9


I hope he stops by on his return flight in April and humors me with a few more photos.  By then, this young Grosbeak’s colors and patterns will be breathtaking.

21 thoughts on “My Favorite Migrator

  1. I will miss my grosbeaks in the winter but look forward to their return in the spring. Like to think mine might make a stop st your home. ☺️

  2. Oh, your birds are wonderful and cheer me up every day. I am going to pick one of your birds to sketch for Oct 8 “Draw a Bird Day,” which I found out about through a WordPress follower (8th of each month).

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen one with a red breast! His red is as bright as the berries!! Love your photos, Kathy! Think I’m going to have to try painting one for tomorrow’s Draw A Bird Day! ❤️😊

  4. You got some great shots here. We feed the birds and try to keep plants that provide food for the wildlife too. I love watching and photographing them.

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