My Not-So-Neighborly Nuthatch

I remember going to a conference years ago and one of the speakers shared a story that made me laugh.  He said that one day he had walked into his living room just in time to see his four year old daughter standing in front of the television with her hands on her hips and her chin jutting forward, saying to Mr. Rogers in her bossiest voice – “I don’t want to be your neighbor!”

Well, it appears that my White-breasted Nuthatch is displaying a bit of that same sentiment!  Lately, he has been bossily proclaiming the backyard to be his own personal domain.

This includes the bambeautiful feeder I got last month…


…and the water dish…


…and the new feeder I got a couple of weeks ago.


Speaking of the new feeder, did I tell you that I liked the bamboo feeder that BirdFeedersEtc sent me so much that I got on their site and ordered another of the same material but in a different style?  If you click on the picture below, you can check out the selection they have available.  These beauties are my new favorites because they look more like yard art!


Occasionally, this busy fellow stops for a moment of reflection…sorry, bad pun…

nuthatch5 nuthatch6

…and then he returns to his guard duty.


Of course, the other birds totally ignore his claim to ownership and drop in whenever he’s not watching!


Still, it’s humorous to watch my not-so-neighborly Nuthatch patrolling the area!

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