Come Thou Fount

I love the depth and the richness that many of the old hymns have.  One of my favorites is Come Thou Fount – probably because I can relate to the “prone to wander” part!

As I sat outside with my camera yesterday afternoon, that old hymn came to my mind as bird after bird paid a visit to the “fount” that flows in my backyard.

This Blue Jay was one of many who stopped by to wet his feathers.  He crept over to the edge to make sure the coast was clear and then hopped in the water for a quick splash.

bluejay1 bluejay2After a few flaps of his wings, he hopped back out and perched on the rocks to drip dry for a minute.

bluejay3 bluejay4

Then he turned and headed back to the fountain…


… this time for a major drenching.


Then it was back to the rocks where he shook the water off of his feathers like a wet dog and flew away.

bluejay7 bluejay8

Every once in awhile it’s fun to get a photo of a Blue Jay without a peanut in his mouth!

20 thoughts on “Come Thou Fount

  1. I have to say Kathy, I wish your Blue Jay would visit my birdbath. I love this bird and your pics are precious. Yes, we all need to drink from that precious font, that keeps refreshing our souls giving life constantly through the Living Water of our Lord Jesus, .

  2. That is one of my favorite hymns as well…especially the Fernando Ortega version. Great post and pics🤓📸

  3. You inspired me again! I painted the second from the top – the bathing beauty! I think I’m going to use this for my Christmas card. Thanks for the reference photo! We have a blue jay couple living in our neighborhood so I’ve been thinking about trying to capture them in my art. You gave me just what I needed. Thanks again for your fabulous photography and generosity in sharing them. Here is my interpretation.

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