Preview Of Coming Attractions

Guess who made it to town?  One of my favorite winter visitors, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet!


If you’ve ever tried to photograph this little fellow, you know that it can be a challenge as he rarely sits still for more than a second!  When it comes to the Kinglet, I have learned to lower my standards a little since with all his movement it’s hard to get a crisp picture.  Plus, just when you’re ready to press the shutter, he completely changes his position!


He opted out of displaying his full crown this time, but he did give us a glimpse of the ruby head feathers that he usually keeps hidden…hopefully it was a preview of coming attractions.


One of my favorite all-time photos is one I took a couple of years ago where he flared out his full crown.  I’ll include it just because I still love it!

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I do hope this guy makes my backyard his favorite winter hangout!

17 thoughts on “Preview Of Coming Attractions

  1. I have tried to photograph this cute bird without your success. The last picture is fantastic!

  2. I love these photos! I just captured my ‘first’ Ruby-crowned Kinglet last week while in SC. I was not lucky to get his ‘ruby-crown’, because you are right, they rarely sit still!

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