Popular with the Pine Warbler

It seems like every other week a new bird is laying claim to my beautiful bamboo feeder.


Not to be a nag, but you really do want to get you one of these!  Put it on your Christmas list!  Or buy yourself a “just because” gift.  I got mine from the fine folks at
Bird Feeders Etc -I think you would be pleased with both the product and their service.

This stunning male Pine Warbler is the latest bird to label this feeder as his own personal dining spot.

pinewarbler2 pinewarbler1

Doesn’t he have the most glorious tones of gold?  And the picture doesn’t do him justice; he is even more breathtaking in person!


He usually ends his meal with a few sips of fresh water, and then flies off to sing his sweet warbly song in the treetops.


I’m so grateful to have this guy as one of my backyard birds!

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