Time For Dinner!

I remember when I was a kid, long before the days of cell phones, we would play outside in the neighborhood after school, or all day long during the summer months.  Whether the game was freeze tag, kick-ball, or kick-the-can, the competition was fierce in the friendliest kind of way.  And I never needed a watch to tell me when it was time to head in; I knew eventually my mother’s voice would ring out, “Kathy, time for dinner!”

Well, my Blue Jays seem to have something similar going on.  Now, they’re not playing tag (as far as I know) but they must be engaged in some sort of spy game, because as soon as I load up the peanut tray, there always seems to be one, perched on a nearby branch, who begins loudly calling out to the others.


I’m fairly sure his raucous squawking translates to, “Jays, time for dinner!” – because before long it seems like every Blue Jay in my neighborhood is showing up, one…


…after another…


…after another!


Occasionally they pause and give a cute and somewhat curious glance to the lady with the camera,

bluejay5 bluejay6

and then it’s back to their gobbling…one…


…after another…


…after another!


I’d say these guys are greedy, taking peanut after peanut; but who am I to judge, taking picture after picture!


These Blue Jays definitely add joy to my days, as do the sweet childhood memories.

12 thoughts on “Time For Dinner!

  1. Ah, I remember those sweet memories of my childhood too, Kathy! We had so much fun playing outside! We played a lot of hide and seek too – a little like your Blue Jays here! Such sweet photos! 💙

  2. Kathy you have captured many aspects of this beautiful bird’s plumage and character in your shots, it is a lovely collection. I do love the hind wing and tail pattern.

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