The temperature took a bit of a dip here in the Atlanta area over the weekend, which prompted quite a crowd to show up at the backyard buffet.

The most sought after (and sometimes fought after!) burreakfast item was definitely the Bark Butter – a suet type spread that is high in protein.  The birds really do love this stuff.

Brown Thrasher – the bird with the perpetually muddy beak!
Ruby-crowned Kinglet – opting not to show his crown.
Carolina Wren – I’m fairly sure he was saying, “It’s mine, all mine!”…insert maniacal laugh!
Red-bellied Woodpecker – you can tell by his feathers that it was a bit blustery.
Male Northern Cardinal – he’s handsome and he knows it!

Fresh water was also a draw.  As soon as I dumped out the ice in the dish and added not-yet-frozen water, the birds started dropping in for a drink.

Tufted Titmouse
Carolina Chickadee
Brown-headed Nuthatch

And of course, there were birds like this handsome Pine Warbler who opted for the Bark Butter/Beverage combo.

warbler1 warbler2

It’s funny, although I’m usually a cold weather wimp, it’s actually my favorite time to be out with camera in hand.  Call me strange (my family does!) but there’s something invigorating about snapping pictures when you can’t feel your nose or your toes!


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  1. The freezing cold weather has given me one very unhappy cat! 😾 He expects me to play with him since he can’t go outside and chase the birds… Your photos are wonderful, Kathy although I don’t know how you stand out in the cold!! Brrr!! ☃️❄️✨🐦

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