The Trail Less Taken (Adventures with Earl)

This morning, hubby and I hopped into Earl and headed off to explore one of the less traveled trails along the Chattahoochee River.  It is not as popular as most of the others in the trail system, but in my book, if it meanders through the forest and then follows along the river it is, by definition, a good trail!

It was a little too cold for the turtles to be out, and most of the birds were staying toward the center of the river (out of optimal picture taking range) like this trio of Cormorants.


I did have a few geese float by – and I snapped their picture even though they are probably my second-to-the-least favorite bird.  (Ostriches ranks first in that category, in case you were wondering.)


This pair of Mallards had found a place where the current runs over a rock, evidently carrying an abundance of duck munchies their way, as they were intently nibbling on something just below the surface.

mallards1 mallards2

And this fellow, with his fancy feathers, seemed to enjoy finding a sunny spot on this mostly cloudy day.


My favorite find of the morning turned out not to be a bird but a beautiful dead branch.  I daydreamed about bringing it home to “live” in my backyard, but alas, it was a little to large to load into Earl.  Still, don’t be surprised if it shows up strapped to my deck and smeared with Bark Butter in a future post!

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