Tiny but Tough

The tiny Tufted Titmouse is one of those birds that everyone seems to love.


Fast and furtive, they tend to dart in for a quick bite to eat and then disappear back to the branches, which can make getting a clear photo a bit of a challenge.  I managed to get a shot of this fellow as he popped in for a peanut…


…but by the time I could fire off a second shot, I was left with a blur of fleeing feathers.


Often, my best chance at capturing them in a picture is when they stop in for a drink, like this little guy did the other day.


He took a few sips, and then had his drinking rudely interrupted by a gust of wind that almost knocked him off the dish.


He flew to a nearby branch to regain his balance, and then turned into the wind with a rather determined expression.  Seems he wasn’t finished with his drink and wasn’t about to be bullied by the breeze.

titmouse6 titmouse7

Then, sure enough, he flew back to the water dish and sat and sipped until he was satisfied.


Guess these little birds are tiny but tough.

15 thoughts on “Tiny but Tough

  1. Beautiful birds – right up there with Chickadees on my favourite list. Nice photos – thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello ! I have seen them stashing their booty into tree bark. Also, have you seen many Carolina Wrens lately ? I have one am trying to get peanuts to. Thanks

    1. I too have seen them hiding the booty! And yes indeed, the little Carolina Wrens have been busy hopping about. Mine grab peanuts, but love Bark Butter. 🙂

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