Plenty of Peanut Poppers

If I asked you which bird was most likely to be featured in a post with the words “peanut poppers” in the title, you would probably say the Blue Jay…

…but there are plenty of other birds that have a penchant for this tasty treat.
Red-bellied Woodpeckers will occasionally leave the Bark Butter branch and grab a nut to munch on.

And Titmice and Cardinals (not true vegans!) often add this protein to their main course of sunflower seeds.

Robins (probably just to spite the Blue Jays) will sometimes partake, though this guy was more of a peanut dropper than a peanut popper.

White-breasted Nuthatches love peanuts as well.  They will grab them from the tray, but also don’t mind exerting a bit more energy to get their meal.

Even Yellow-rumped Warblers are known to nibble on a nut.

But of course, the Blue Jay does get the award for being the greediest gobbler.

If you want to attract more birds (and sadly, more squirrels) to your feeders, you really do need to put out a spread of peanuts.

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  1. I followed your example, but only attracted a squirrel. I guess I’ll just need to enjoy your success and great photos.

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