Sunrise Special

Yesterday turned out to be a parenthetical day of sunshine sandwiched in between two days of torrential thunderstorms.  I went out in the early hours to spread some Bark Butter on several branches, and then filled the three “troughs” with a bottom layer of mixed seed (heavy on sunflower), followed by a healthy heaping of mealworms, topped off with a plentiful supply of peanuts.  Every good diner has some sort of sunrise special that is popular with the patrons, and this seems to be a favorite of my backyard birds.

The Thrasher was the first to arrive, surveying the scene and then landing for a bite to eat.

As soon as he flew off, the male Downy landed and did the same routine.

A skittish Titmouse grabbed a peanut and then quickly flew off…

…while a male Red-bellied also took his order to go.

And of course, there’s always that one guest that shows up uninvited.

All this breakfast talk has me itching to go to my favorite place for a morning meal – the Reveille Cafe.  I always get the “Oh-Eight Hundred” – two eggs, bacon, hashbrowns (that are to die for!) and an english muffin, with a personal carafe of coffee of course.  Mmmm….I must put this on my calendar soon!

14 thoughts on “Sunrise Special

  1. Ah, the uninvited guest, gray squirrels seem to show up in our neighbors feeders too! 😉🐿 Beautiful bird photos, Kathy! ❤

  2. Put my name down in your calendar next to the Reveille Cafe date! I always love getting to see your pictures. Love you Mom!

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