One Lucky Fella!

This gray squirrel is one lucky fella
with a furry tail for his umbrella!

A tail that is bushy, a tail that is swishy,
A tail that reminds meย of dandelion wishies!

And when it is sunny, this tail is his shade –
this seed stealing rodent sure has it made!

18 thoughts on “One Lucky Fella!

  1. seed stealing rodent is right – lol! They are constantly coming to our feeders to “share” with the birds. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Same here! I’d never hurt them. But I do shoo them away And Charlie chases them off the deck. Lol.

    1. He’s not sure what to make of me…one second I am taking his picture, then the next I am yelling and waving my arms like a mad woman!

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