Nothing Says Summer Like Sunflowers!

Summer and Sunflowers go hand in hand, so on this day where (here in the U.S.) we welcome the start of the season, a post featuring these flowers seemed the perfect fit.

My front yard looks so cheerful right now, as I have a bunch of these beauties blossoming.
Whenever I walk outside, it seems like they are smiling and giving me a friendly greeting. Some are of the larger variety…

…while others are a bit daintier.

You’d better bee-lieve it when I say that I’m not the only one who can’t seem to resist their glorious loveliness.

Anyway you look at them…

…Sunflowers put the sun in summer. πŸ™‚

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Wife, mother, daughter, and friend. One who dabbles in writing, thinks in rhyme, and is utterly unable to escape the allure of alliteration:) Amateur nature photographer. A backyard bird watcher, a hiker of non-strenuous trails to waterfalls, and a fan of Atlanta sports teams. Driver of an orange Jeep Renegade who goes by the name of Earl. One who is nourished by silence, solitude, and a good cup of coffee. A lover of God’s Word and the riches that are hidden there. An extremely ordinary jar of clay who longs to see and be satisfied by the glory of God, and to somehow display that in my everyday life.
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18 Responses to Nothing Says Summer Like Sunflowers!

  1. Jodi says:

    Happy summer!!

  2. SamediSearch says:

    Beautiful I love Flowers

  3. lulu says:

    Sunflowers equal happiness for me.

  4. Wonderful shots of these beauties.

  5. Sheila Moss says:

    Not too far from me, someone has an entire field of sunflowers. They are really striking to see when you drive by. I don’t plant them, but sometimes the birds scatter their seed and a few come up voluntarily.

  6. pattyanneart says:

    So beautiful, l love sunflowers!! πŸ’•

  7. samba2017 says:

    I really enjoyed the vibrant sunflowers in your post and the especially the ones with the bees! Your profile photo is also lovely. Did you swim with dolphins? I would really love to do this! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s post is about sunflowers in case you have time to look? Sunny greetings, Sam πŸ™‚

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