Far too Flitty to Focus

While I was outside, snapping a few pictures of flowers between showers…

this Hummingbird Moth showed up.

These are extremely cool creatures, that have a bee like body with hummingbird mannerisms.

They are far too flitty to get in clear focus, but too fascinating not to share!

I hope he keeps showing up and enjoying the blossoms.

16 thoughts on “Far too Flitty to Focus

    1. Last year was my first time seeing one. They have probably been around and I just failed to notice them without a camera in hand…you do see things differently with a lens. πŸ™‚

  1. Wow! Amazing Kathy! Such a fascinating moth – love the patterns on its wings and the fuzziness of its body. And your flowers are stunning too! 🐝🌷🌼

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