Faithful When I Am Not

Toddler training is not for the faint of heart!

As many of you know, I have a youngster in the house these days who is occupying a lot of my time.

Tucker is close to six months old and can go from being “the sweetest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on” to “willful beyond belief” in a mere heartbeat! Β I know (hope…plead…pray!) that the training will pay off in the long run, but in the short run, it is definitely taking a toll on my photography time.

But despite my lack of faithfulness in showing up with a camera, the ever faithful Blue Jays have been showing up for their peanuts. Β Often, they are watching from the branches while I am filling the feeders.

This morning, we tuckered Tucker out on a hike at Red Top Mountain; then, while he took an afternoon nap, I snapped a few pictures…and no surprise…the Blue Jays were the ones who paid a visit.

Some came impeccably groomed…

…while others were a bit on the scruffy side.

A youngster who still had some juvenile feathers popped in as well…I wonder how his training is going!

I know that in time I will once again be able to head out for more than a few moments with the camera…and I’m pretty sure that when I do, the Blue Jays will be the first birds I see.

As long as I am faithful to put out the peanuts, these ever faithful birds are certain to keep showing up!

P.S. – Any helpful hints on training Tucker to climb into the jeep? Β He can’t seem to figure out how to climb in, and he is getting pretty heavy to lift!

18 thoughts on “Faithful When I Am Not

  1. Love your Blue Jay shots. These birds are such characters. M husband and I love watching them play in our fountains and if we’re ever late in feeding them or filling their aching stations they are not shy n letting us know their displeasure!

  2. Beautiful pics! I wish we had blue jays here. They are so photogenic. I had a time getting Scarlett to jump into my Jeep when she was young. I finally started teaching her the command “jump”. I would use the command in the yard getting her to jump onto things a foot high or so. Soon she knew what I meant and would “jump” into the Jeep. Very handy command for a lot of things. Plus she loves doing it. Now when we are out hikibg I get her to jump up onto boulders and such and then tell her stay so I can take a pic 😊

    1. I am thinking along the same lines. The picture in the post was day one of “up you go”…he loves jumping on the bench and even onto picnic tables…just not the jeep yet. But we shall persevere! 😊

  3. Food! If treats don’t work to encourage him to jump into the car, all the labs we have had have learned from each other.
    Maybe a friend’s dog could come over and demonstrate.
    All else fails, your perseverance will win him over- or up πŸ™‚

  4. I think Tucker is a good name for your dog as in “he tuckers you out!” ❀ You did get him to sit still for a photo! πŸ˜‰ I think in time, it will get better – hang-in-there, friend!

      1. It’s actually not my hometown. We are digital nomads! But I have never seen a blue jay so I really enjoy visiting your blog because you often take gorgeous photos of blue jays. Next time you see one please say hi for me! And I’ll continue checking your blog πŸ˜‰

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