Red, White and Bl…ack (An Almost Patriotic Post)

As we celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., many folks will be sporting their red, white and blue attire.  I wish I had a bird that boasted all three of those colors, but the best I could do was red, white and black.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker is a regular at the backyard Bark Butter branch, and since he comes closest to looking patriotic I figured he should have the spotlight in today’s post.

Well…I guess I should say that he can share the spotlight…because we all know that no post is complete these days without an appearance by Tucker, who started off keeping watch on the deck…

…but then quickly got bored and went off for some romping and racing.

He finished it off like he does every play session, with some lapping and some lounging. I know he’s a mutt, but there’s no denying this guy has a lot of Lab in him!

I’m finding it comical how just about everyday when we are out walking someone looks at him and exclaims, “Look at those feet!”  This guy is going to be a beast!

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