Cheerful Chirpers

My backyard has been swarming with Chickadees lately.

Whether it’s due to their curious nature, their cheerful chirping, or their social personalities – everyone seems to love these little birds.

I have never seen a Chickadee act aggressively toward another kind of bird, but I have seen them fuss with one another.  Apparently there is a bit of a pecking order in their groups.
This fellow below stopped in for a drink and let one of his companions know in no uncertain terms that he would have to wait his turn.

One Chickadee in particular has been fun to watch.  I call him Willy because his wing is a little wonky…which makes me think of Wonka…and, well, you get it.

At first I though his feathers were just wet and he was holding his wing this way to dry them, but I saw him throughout the day and he always had his wing in this slightly awkward position.

I have to say though, he didn’t let his wonky wing hold him back in the least; he flew right down to the trays and fearlessly laid stake to his claim.

Whether it’s been Willy or one of the other black and white beauties, it’s been a pleasure to have these birds hanging out in my backyard.

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18 Responses to Cheerful Chirpers

  1. Thank you. The photos are lovely but I also enjoyed hearing about what they are like socially – thanks for that extra information!

  2. Wonderful photos – such lovely little friends

  3. Wonderful shots. Chickadees are favourites of mine!

  4. lulu says:

    These little guys are among my favorite visitors.

  5. Jodi says:

    sweet willy!!!

  6. Jill Kuhn says:

    Thanks for the smile today, Kathy! ❤️😄

  7. jmnowak says:

    Such a big nut for such a tiny bird! I guess he was confident. Sweet burds. ^_^

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