Cheerful Chirpers

My backyard has been swarming with Chickadees lately.

Whether it’s due to their curious nature, their cheerful chirping, or their social personalities – everyone seems to love these little birds.

I have never seen a Chickadee act aggressively toward another kind of bird, but I have seen them fuss with one another.Β  Apparently there is a bit of a pecking order in their groups.
This fellow below stopped in for a drink and let one of his companions know in no uncertain terms that he would have to wait his turn.

One Chickadee in particular has been fun to watch.Β  I call him Willy because his wing is a little wonky…which makes me think of Wonka…and, well, you get it.

At first I though his feathers were just wet and he was holding his wing this way to dry them, but I saw him throughout the day and he always had his wing in this slightly awkward position.

I have to say though, he didn’t let his wonky wing hold him back in the least; he flew right down to the trays and fearlessly laid stake to his claim.

Whether it’s been Willy or one of the other black and white beauties, it’s been a pleasure to have these birds hanging out in my backyard.

18 thoughts on “Cheerful Chirpers

      1. No, definitely not! I’m from New Zealand. I’ve often seen photos of these little fellas but never known anything about their behaviour. They seem real cute!

              1. Thank you. They are common in Dunedin. We often see them in the Botanic Gardens but also, often, you’ll see one perched up on a powerline above a street in the city.

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