Pooch at the Hooch

We took Tucker for a walk along the Chattahoochee River this morning.

The first part of the journey was abounding with birds – like this Great Blue Heron who came soaring by…

…then skidded to a landing…

…then situated himself for a moment…

…then proceeded to go into hunting mode.

He was very aware of the eager lab watching from the shoreline…

…but didn’t let his presence phase his focus in the least.

After walking the trail for awhile we found a place on the other side of the river that was the perfect spot for a game of fetch.

And do you know what’s better than fetch?
Why, fetch with friends of course!
Bringing toys to share instantly makes you the most popular pup at the park.

There were at least a dozen dogs romping around, but Tucker’s favorite playmate was this ten month old Bernice Mountain Dog named Davos. They were best buds in no time at all!

He was such a handsome dog, but I have to warn you, when Davos shook you were in for a shower!

Sometimes they played with the same fetch stick…

…and sometimes they each had their own.

When all was said and done, Tucker was wet, tired, and extremely happy.

This pooch definitely enjoyed his trip to the Hooch!

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