A Forecast Fit for Feathers and Fur

The light dusting of snow that was predicted for today turned into a steady stream of flakes that still hasn’t stopped!  The birds were out in full force, searching for seed and suet and other tasty treats that I was more than happy to supply.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, Tucker discovered the delights of this wonderful white stuff falling from the sky.

At first he was hesitant…

…but before long he was leaping and lunging and having a blast!

I guess you could say he quickly developed a taste for snow!

We usually don’t get snow this early here in Atlanta, so it was a sweet surprise that made for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

11 thoughts on “A Forecast Fit for Feathers and Fur

  1. Snow has disappeared from our forecast after a few stray flakes yesterday…but it’s cold!
    Who is the little reddish guy, seventh photo down?
    Tucker is the image of joy, love that shot!

  2. It amazes me to see these birds standing in icy snow. I wonder if they feel cold and just put up with it unlike many of us who complain about it.😊

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