Freezing But No Frosting

A week ago the ground was covered with a lovely layer of white, which somehow made the chilly temperatures easier to overlook. This weekend the snow has all but disappeared, leaving only cold weather, gusty winds, and little enticement to venture outside.  Freezing with no frosting just isn’t as fun!

The cold weather did, however, bring the birds to the feeders with their hopes high of finding food. Needless to say, obliged them with a plentiful supply and then bundled up and headed out with my camera hoping they would oblige me by posing for some pictures.

This stunning male Pine Warbler was the first to arrive, helping himself to some Bark Butter and a sampling from the seed tray.

A bossy-faced Mockingbird also made an appearance.  He is a frequent visitor and makes it a habit to shoot me an evil-eyed glare before he goes about filling his belly.

This poor female Bluebird didn’t seem too pleased with the wintry weather.  She perched with her feathers puffed up for some extra insulation, every now and then getting a bit disheveled by a gust of wind.

A pair of Cardinals flitted back and forth between the branches and the feeders…

…and a Carolina Wren and a Downy Woodpecker popped in to check out the food offerings.

I have to confess, I actually find taking pictures in the cold rather invigorating; it somehow adds to the fun!

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  1. Always enjoy seeing these lovely creatures. Thanks for sharing your gift. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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