Marvelous Meteorologists

If I want to know the weather forecast, looking at the behavior of my backyard birds is often more accurate than asking Siri!

The birds seem to sense when bad weather is coming and show up in a bit of a frenzy.  Take today for example – with predictions of sleet and freezing rain headed our way, there was quite a flurry of activity at the feeders.

The Blue Jays were the first to arrive…

…and the second…

…and the third!

Followed by a host of others.

The heated water dish was even more popular than the feeders.

With much of their water supply frozen, this was quite the hotspot!

Not only are the birds marvelous meteorologists, they are also experts at the emergency broadcasting system.  When they started chattering loudly, looking alert, and fleeing the scene I knew there must be some sort of danger lurking about.

Sure enough, this handsome Hawk swooped in and landed directly overhead in hopes of finding an easy meal.

Once he left, it was back to business as usual.

By the way, the birds were right – it wasn’t long before the sleet started.  So have no fear, I’ll keep an eye out on the backyard and let you know if any more bad weather is headed this way!

18 thoughts on “Marvelous Meteorologists

  1. Great pictures Kathie and true what you say, some birds are very good weather predictors. Our Kookaburra is known for that as are other birds like your own. Likewise our birds, especially the cockies with young go wild into a raucous cacophony when a raptor passes over, which is great for us birders, we have learned to look up and aim our cameras skyward. Enjoy your cool birds, we are sweltering here in heat waves, and the birds are suffering also.

  2. You have some wonderful backyard birds and have captured them beautifully! The migratory movement of Snowy Owls seems to be a pretty good indicator of when the really cold weather will hit and how bad it will be.

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