Lighthearted Limericks – Mockingbird

This Mockingbird has been a constant fixture at the backyard feeders lately (probably because the current seed mix has raisins) so I decided to let him be the star of a lighthearted limerick.

The Mockingbird perches on high
And looks down with his arrogant eye

Though he knows lots of songs
He just can’t get along

He’s an ill-tempered unfriendly guy!

19 thoughts on “Lighthearted Limericks – Mockingbird

  1. Thanks for sharing, the limerick suits this bossy bird. Every year, when they are nesting, we have a difficult time going in our back yard. They continuously squeak at my cat, that is safely inside minding her own business. It’s hard to have kind thoughts of this pesky bird, ha, ha!

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