A Seasonal Sparrow

One of the birds that winters here in our southern state of Georgia is the White-throated Sparrow.

I don’t get many pictures of him since he rarely visits the feeders, preferring to scavenge what falls to the ground below the deck; but on occasion I can snap a few shots as he hops around the fountain rocks or gets a drink.

I love the color tones and the lovely markings of this little fellow!

11 thoughts on “A Seasonal Sparrow

  1. The earth-colours of a sparrow are beautiful. This bird always reminds me of a Sunday School song we sang: God sees the little sparrow fall.

  2. Sparrows are seen as pests here, however they are beautiful in their pattern and colour hues. Greater pests, the common myna, have driven them further south and west, and they are not as attractive.

  3. Such a sweetheart! Here they are living mostly down-town around the coffeeshops where they can get a few crumbs. And they can get really cheeky and very courageous ☺️

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