A Glad-hearted Greeting and a Fond Farewell

Well, let’s get the farewell out of the way first, shall we?
As you may recall, a little over a month ago, we welcomed Tilly into our home – a lab mix who was in desperate need of some TLC.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were not going to be the right family to be her “furever” home, although we truly loved that sweet little girl.  You see, Tilly has some hunting breed woven into her mix and, in her eyes, our ancient cat seemed more of a slow moving squirrel.  Since it didn’t seem right to banish the cat to the basement for the remainder of her days, we opted to foster Tilly for the Atlanta Lab Rescue, fattening her up and lavishing love on her ’til the right folks came along – which happened to be this past weekend.  She is now living with a retired couple that lives on a lake and wants to spoil her rotten.  I was afraid that Tucker might miss her terribly, but aside from toy tugging, he seems happy to once again be the king of his castle.

As for the glad-hearted greeting…a bird that rarely blesses me with his presence stopped by yesterday for a dip in the fountain.

This Golden-crowned Kinglet skitted from rock to rock, debating whether or not he wanted to get in the water.

When he finally made up his mind, he hopped in, gave his feathers a fast flip, and then hopped back out.

If you look carefully, you can see a hint of reddish-orange concealed beneath the yellow on his head, which lets us know that this one is a guy and not a gal.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with his crown on full display…perhaps he will stick around and give me the opportunity.

17 thoughts on “A Glad-hearted Greeting and a Fond Farewell

  1. I’m sure you will miss Tilly, but sounds like you had no choice and now another couple near a lake will get to enjoy her and Tilly will no doubt enjoy the lake. It was good of you to socialize her and fatten her up. The Golden Crown Kinglet is beautiful – I’ve not seen one before.

  2. Blessings & best wishes on you all, Tilly & her new family, Tucker (also my brother’s name!) & the cat. A brilliant, loving solution to a vexing problem. I have seen a few kinglets over the long years, but never the handsome patch of reddish-orange. Thank you for showing us that.

  3. glad you were able to love Tilly for awhile until she found her forever spoiling home! 🙂 ❤ Love the bird photos!!! (as always) 🙂

  4. Happy that Tilly found a loving home! And the cat can now live share her days with King Tucker 🙂 Great pics of the kinglet.

  5. Love the pics of your kinglet, and what a lovely story of your kindness to Tilly, and how you made an older couple so happy. What a great fit😊

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