A Bit Of A Baditude

The Mockingbirds who are nesting in our front Cypress tree have been showing up at the feeders with a bit of a baditude…and yes, their bad attitude is such that it warrants a new word!

They arrive at the Bark Butter branch, give a scowling glare to any others who might be thinking of trying to join, and then proceed to scarf up the food.

They gobble and guard until …

… a bird with a bigger baditude (and a bigger beak) shows up! Like this Brown Thrasher, who has an even more impressive glare.

And of course, the cycle continues…

Suffice it to say, my backyard are full of baditude!

25 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Baditude

  1. Benjamin and I love seeing your birds with the baditudes! He loves the word “baditude” and I know that I will be hearing it repeated, very often! I have a few questions that I hope are not an imposition. 1) Do you purchase or make the bark butter? 2) I read very mixed reviews about it on the Wild Birds Unlimited website. Did your birds take to it immediately or did it take some time for them to eat it? 3) Do you put it out all summer too? I’m hoping to find something that will entice more birds to my backyard. Benjamin has such an interest in them and it is a marvelous learning experience. Thank-you x 2!!

    1. I buy the Bark Butter at Wild Birds Unlimited. I do put it out all year – though I mix in some Texas Pete to deter the squirrels a bit. And mine took to it pretty fast. Might help that I spread it on a branch. 😊 Give it a try!

  2. The Mockingbirds in my backyard are bullies! They pick on the little blue birds and others who are trying to get some of the meal worms. I love your photos of the different birds. They are some bad birds! The Thrasher is a tough bird and the woodpecker with that sharp beak, not to be messed with!

  3. Happy Earth Day to you and your many feathered/furry friends! Thank-you for answering my queries about bark butter…my birds will thank you and maybe the squirrels too. Benjamin is using “baditudes” and has added “gooditudes”! His Mommy says they are his newest most used favorite words and he has shared them with everyone he’s seen this weekend!

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