Fight, Flight, or Out of Sight

The diminutive Downy Woodpecker is a delightful little bird that rarely makes a fuss.

These cuties are regular visitors to the backyard Bark Butter branch.

But when a bigger, bossier bird appears on the scene – like this female Red-winged Blackbird…

…rather than resorting to fight or flight, they just opt to drop out of sight.

They hang out until the coast is clear…

…then they pop back up and resume their merry munching.



21 thoughts on “Fight, Flight, or Out of Sight

  1. Benjamin said : “The little woodpecker is very good at sharing, taking turns and waiting. Maybe some some stuff on the bottom of the branch would work too!” It is nice to see this little peacemaker adapting to the situation with patience…probably secure in the knowledge that there will be more available to those who wait. Wonderful photos! Thank-you x 2!!

    1. Tell Benjamin I shall try his idea. When I spread some Bark Butter later today I will see if I can stick some on the bottom side of the branch!

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