An Unbalanced Diet

The Red-headed Woodpecker who comes to my feeders has been eating a steady diet of peanuts.  Typically, he lands on the squirrel proof feeder, but he has also discovered that this fine fare is available in the trays attached to the deck rail.

His peanut pilfering routine has become pretty predictable.

He first lands on one of the vertical branches attached to my deck and carefully looks around to see if any competitors need to be persuaded to relocate.

Did you notice the size of this guys claws?

His next step is to swoop down onto the Bark Butter branch, which is only a few feet away from the seed tray.  Once again, he pauses to check out the area.

Then, he heads over to the food supply.

The only problem is that the deck rail is a flat surface and is much harder for him to grip, so, he often gets unbalanced when he is trying to snare a nut.

He is usually quick to recover, and then flies off with the spoils to a place where he can get a better grip.

Despite his “unbalanced diet,” his guy is amazing!


18 thoughts on “An Unbalanced Diet

      1. That’s right Kathy. I don’t see many woodpeckers here, and none with that bright-red head and beautiful plumage. You just cannot help but take a second look at them.

  1. Perhaps his peanut pilfering is partly for your pleasure! Hehe! ❤️ Gorgeous bird, just love that red color on him!! 👍

  2. I did notice his claws…wow! He knows right where to go to get a nice big meal of his favs…he must love your place. Great shots. Hugs and have a great weekend.

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