A Resolute Rodent

Who is the arch enemy of every bird-feeding human?

Why this bushy-tailed thief, of course!

The squirrels in my backyard are resolute rodents to say the least!  They wait until they think the coast is clear…

…and then land on the deck rail and help themselves to the seed tray smorgasbord.

Most of the time I find these determined little demons to be a frustrating nuisance, but there is a small part of me that can’t help but find them fascinating.

If I am outside with the camera, I often let them grab a quick snack while I grab some quick photos, and then chase them off with a hiss and a stomp.

Still, as soon as I go back inside, I know these greedy gray gobblers will be right back at their thievery! Ah well, I guess it just goes with the territory!

5 thoughts on “A Resolute Rodent

  1. Oh, Kathy, I have given up & feed them now & their petite kinfolk, the chipmunks. I had to take down the feeders because of bears (who actually pulled them down). So now I lay out dinner on a low wall & scatter about the ground. I have squirrels, chipmunks, & the usual birds, a bunny & the neighbors belled cats throughout the day & the possum (& who knows?) at night. The big draw is peanuts, but cherry, peach & plum pits are devoured as well as watermelon rinds with a bit of juicy fruit left, dry catfood the kitties expell when munching & whatever else might be tempting & wholesome (not too much bread or cookies). So far no rats Or bears have been seen by me at the banquet wall. Their attendance might diminish the bounty. I guess I don’t want to feed all God’s creatures. I enjoy thoroughly & photograph often the bushy tails & their fellow diners.

    1. Be very careful about putting out food in bear country. I visited a wildlife preserve and they told us when bears clash with civilization, the bears always lose. So sad.

      1. Point well taken. I will say the feast is all cleaned up in about an hr. in the morning in a feeding frenzy multiple squirrels, chipmunks & birds (7 blue jays at once last week). In the evening I have sometimes seen the possum waiting in the tree overhead, so I think it is eaten then in short order too. It is against the law to harm a bear here or to fire a gun in the city limits. Have not heard of any bear tragedies though many sitings around town, this summer especially. I will reconsider feeding within our fenced yard.

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