Same Kind of Different As Me

There’s a popular book that bears the title Same Kind of Different as Me, as well as a movie based on the book, but it also seemed a fitting title for this post.

While in Orcas Island, I would wake-up early each morning and head out to the deck with my coffee and camera to see what kind of birds showed up.  Many were the same birds that are regular visitors in my own backyard, only slightly different.

For example, this Spotted Towhee looks a lot like my Eastern Towhee.

And this Red-shafted Flicker is close to the Yellow-shafted Flicker who occasionally makes an appearance at my feeders.

This Robin looks different from my Robins, but I think it might just be a juvenile.

And this Steller’s Jay, though slightly different in markings than my Jays…

…still has the same preference for peanuts that mine do! And yes, I did go out and buy some peanuts and sunflower seeds to put out each morning.

I also saw a couple of birds that I don’t get to see in my backyard – like this cutie that I haven’t taken the time to look up.  Any west coast friends care to lend some identification aid?

And this majestic Bald Eagle.  I saw them fairly often during our trip but they were usually too far away to get a clear shot.

Hanging out with birds makes every vacation better, though it doesn’t quite compare to hanging out with killer whales!


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  1. Great shots Kathy! You’re right about the Robin, it’s a juvenile! 🙂

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