A Welcome Weekend Warbler

A Hooded Warbler, who is not a common visitor to my backyard, showed up over the weekend.

While this fellow was a delight to look at, he was difficult to photograph!  Flighty and flitty, he stayed at the edge of the yard, hopping in and out of the woodpile in search of insects.

While I never could get close enough (or get him to come out in the open and sit still long enough!) to get a clear picture, I still enjoyed just watching this beautiful little bird.
It’s always fun to have a new guest!

17 thoughts on “A Welcome Weekend Warbler

  1. Great photos. Warblers can be so shy, and flitty is the perfect description. Tough to photograph, but you did great.

  2. But how fortuitous! And special! You caught it beautifully! We had a return visit this morning from “our” backyard bear. Our high wooden & chain link fences all around our place are no deterrents for this adolescent fellow who has now discovered the acorns dropping into our yard from a neighbor’s old over-branching oak tree. I’m sure he (?) will be back for more, as there is a plentiful crop this year & way too much development up the mountainsides behind us here in North Asheville!

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