Drab or Dashing?

The Grey Catbird is an occasional visitor to my backyard.

Like his Mockingbird cousin, he is a mimic with a hearty collection of calls, the most common being the mew-like sound of a cat from whence he gets his name.

This bird has an appetite for insects, berries, and of course…Bark Butter.

Though some might consider this monochrome mimic rather drab, he does have a dash of rusty red feathers tucked beneath his tail.

Personally, I’d say this fellow with the fancy fanny is actually quite dashing!

9 thoughts on “Drab or Dashing?

  1. I love our dapper backyard neighbors. the catbirds, who sport chic black berets, & rakish reddish rears, & lay beautiful azure blue eggs after mating. They mew & meow & sometimes caterwaul from dense foliage spring evenings & summer dusks. They will be off south in a few weeks to my old South Florida backyard, where they arrived annually the years we lived there October 4th (I kept a log). And I will miss them here in Asheville all winter & anticipate for their welcome return late next April.

  2. I have always thought it funny that a bird made the sound of a cat! 😸 Your photos make him extra dashing!! πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™

  3. Lovely captures of this little bird. Great timing and wonderful clarity. It looks like he was hungry for something to eat that day, and managed to score himself a snack. I’d say he looks dashing too…he didn’t get a bit of food on himself while he ate πŸ˜€

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