The Ruin of Radiant

Ever since my elementary-aged self read Charlotte’s Web, the word “radiant” has been forever ruined for me. Whenever I hears that seven letter word, my mind imagines it masterfully woven into the web of that sagacious spider. And although the word will always belong to Wilbur,  I’d have to say it could also be ascribed to the male cardinals that have been visiting my backyard.

Are these fellows not …well…radiant!

I am partial to the pictures where their crown is on display…

…or where their head is titled in a posture of curiosity.

Yep…the male cardinal is definitely “some bird.”

And by the way, radiant isn’t the only word that has been taken hostage my Mr. White. Not long ago I walked into a bookstore, and as I entered the clerk called out, “Salutations!” – to which I replied, without missing a beat, “That’s a fancy way of saying hello.” The knowing smile I got in return assured me that we were kindred spirits, well-versed in the words of Charlotte.

12 thoughts on “The Ruin of Radiant

  1. They are for sure radiant. I am blessed to have a lot of cardinals visit my yard daily. Have a great weekend and keep enjoying the beautiful birds.

      1. No and I I especially love seeing them in the winter if we have snow. They are so beautiful in the white snow. They are just beautiful everywhere I see them.

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