One Gorgeous Gallinule

During our visit to the Orlando Wetlands, Rick (aka sexy camera caddie!) and I went down a trail that was a peninsula between two marshes. As we approached the end, a blur of purple and green caught my eye before it disappeared into the reeds. Rather than continuing on our way, we opted to camp out for a bit and wait to see if this bird of many colors would bless us with its appearance.

Sure enough, in a matter of minutes, this Purple Gallinule (we had to consult a guide to get the name) shyly peeked out.

After a few more moments, he got a wee bit braver and let us get a better glimpse.

Finally, he crept all the way out. And before I forget to mention it, although this guy was reluctant to be seen, he was NOT reluctant to be heard – these are LOUD birds!

It was fascinating to watch him dip his head in and out of the water…

…turns out he was diving for water plants beneath the surface.

Don’t you just love his colors? I think Rainbow Rail would have been a fitting name, especially since he is a member of the Rail family.

As we watched while one of these fellows was dipping and pulling and munching, a second appeared in the open water.

He was only there for a brief moment before he got agitated by the arrival of one of his relatives, a Common Gallinule.

Then he high-winged it out of there.

I think the above picture might be my favorite of the whole trip. And I can’t help but laugh because the Gallinule is considered a swamp-hen – and this fellow really was a chicken!

I had never seen one of these vivid beauties before this trip, so it was truly a treat to get to take his picture. I am glad he decided to venture out of his hiding place!

He is definitely one gorgeous Gallinule!

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24 Responses to One Gorgeous Gallinule

  1. Also known as a purple swamphen in my neck of the woods. Lovely pics. Sometimes when out birding we only get to see one or two interesting species n then I do exactly what you’ve done…. make the shoot a comprehensive study of this particular bird.

  2. lulu says:

    I am fascinated by bird colors and my work is often inspired by them. You do such wonderful captures.

  3. Jodi says:

    WOOOOWWWW! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. lulu says:

    I am fascinated by bird colors and often incorporate them into my weaving. Your captures are wonderful.

    • jmcheney says:

      When we lived in South Florida in the 1970s, we watched birds often at Loxahatchee National Refuge, & I fell for the Purple Gallinules big time & painted them on needlepoint canvases for a little shop in our town. I even worked one of my canvases myself, though not a gifted needleworker, but I treasure it as souvenir of those of those long ago Everglades adventures & that gorgeous bird. Keep featuring its fabulous feathers & radiant beak, Lulu, in your creations.

  5. de Wets Wild says:

    Such lovely images of a beautiful bird, Kathy! They’re shy birds and your perseverance paid off handsomely!

  6. Jill Kuhn says:

    I am facinated by their large feet. The feathers are beautiful as well as their beaks! Lovely photos, Kathy! 😊

  7. Sharon Mann says:

    The Gallinule is a gorgeous bird…another to add to my drawing list. Thanks for these wonderful images this morning Kathy.

  8. Mags says:

    Oh, my what fabulous captures of that gorgeous bird. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  9. You’ve really captured the striking beauty of the Purple Gallinule with these photos!

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