Missing Manners

Manners seem to be missing these days – especially when it comes to my backyard Blue Jays!

Oh, they may give the appearance of being the perfect guest, but appearances can definitely be deceiving!

I’m pretty sure they never heard from their Mama the common courtesies that I heard from mine. Like, “Don’t chew with your mouth open.”

Or, “Use a fork and not your fingers…or your face!”

“When you are a dinner guest, don’t make a pig of yourself.”

And, “Don’t eat and run.”

It seems their Mama (or their Daddy) also neglected to say,ย  “Don’t play with your food”…

…or, “Always leave a place neater than you found it.”

I think when it comes to manners, especially table manners, my Blue Jays must have somehow missed the memo.

Ah well, at last they do come dressed in their feathered finest!

18 thoughts on “Missing Manners

    1. I love your description of your backyard blue jays. Thanks for the fun read๐Ÿ˜Š. I call our backyard Bluejay my loud guest so you are right about the manners they have.

  1. Love this Kathy … those Blue Jays raise a ruckus and are the worst, but they are such a delight to watch that we forgive them for their sins. I was tossing out some peanuts to a few squirrels who were hanging around my front yard. The Blue Jay swoops down and swipes them. The cardinals (male/female) do the same. If I don’t have the peanuts out early enough for the Jay to swipe before the squirrels get there, he sits and screeches until I go out. No manners! Mama didn’t rear ’em right.

  2. Great photos. Jays can be feisty and don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks.

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