The Presence of a Pileated

I knew there was a Pileated Woodpecker in the area, as I’ve been hearing it’s call (which sounds a bit like maniacal laughter) for the last several weeks. Then yesterday, a pair blessed me with their presence in the backyard.

The female flew to the backside of the tree when I came out with my camera, but the male – identified by his red mustache and full red head crown – investigated the dead branches on the large Oak that stands at the back edge of the yard.

This fascinating, rather prehistoric looking bird, can break some serious chunks of bark with that beak of his.

Getting to grab a few moments with this fellow was a sweet way to officially kick off the summer season.

Here’s hoping that this duo makes many more repeat appearances!

9 thoughts on “The Presence of a Pileated

  1. Fantastic birds! A real solid woodpecker. I’ve found them a little difficult to photograph. Congrats on the shots – I hope you have a chance to get many more.

  2. I’ve seen these woodpeckers at the lake in Northern Idaho. They move rather quickly… love their red heads! ❤️ Great photos, Kathy!

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