Diamonds Are Not This Girl’s Best Friend

You’ve surely heard it said (or sung!) that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – well, not this girl! Call me quirky, but I get more joy from a beautiful dead branch than from a dazzling diamond. So, needless to say,  I was thrilled when hubby and I found a lovely limb just laying on the pathway on one of our recent Labra-walks. We carried it with us (once again, I take liberties with the pronoun) and brought it back to the house, then “we” drilled holes in it and stuffed it with peanuts.

And just look who has claimed it as his own!

Not only are there holes in the side, but there is a perfect nut nook right at the top, which is his preferred place to perch.

This fellow has become quite possessive of this new snacking spot and when he is not eating, he is on guard, doing his best to prevent others from visiting.

It brings me so much joy to sit and watch him feast.

Money just can’t buy this kind of beauty!

12 thoughts on “Diamonds Are Not This Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Oh, I am right there with you sweet Kathy…no diamonds for me either. Love those limbs and birds. Fantastic photos of that handsome peanut lover. Hugs

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