Bird Break

Some days (Okay, most days!) I find I work better if I build in some rewards – like taking “bird breaks” to step outside and snap a few photos.

Here are the first five birds that made an appearance during my most recent “reward.”

Pine Warbler

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Eastern Bluebird

Carolina Wren

House Finch

Bird breaks are one of my favorite rewards…Doves dark chocolates are a close second!


11 thoughts on “Bird Break

  1. I was just in NYC for a wonderful fall week. I walked in Central Park every morning, often rounding the Reservoir just off Fifth Ave. & resting awhile on a bench to watch the passing scene. One morning a large hawk circled & circled several times over head, followed by a wide gyre of pigeons (what is the group called?) swooping behind it. Then dive bombed straight down into the trees across the water. I had seen hundreds of sparrows & squirrels on the lawns, so one of them must have given it up just then. My hostess said later, “Oh! You saw Pale Male! I see him often.” The I remembered Pale Male’s celebrity write-ups a few yrs. back. Perhaps I did see that famous raptor indeed! I did not see any of your delightful models on my walks, though I’m sure they are there in the glorious specimen trees of that Masterpiece Park. Such pleasures in the big city.

  2. These are wonderful! They each show the personality of the bird. I have nuthatches here, but not this particular one, and we have warblers, but I don’t think this one, and of course we have wrens, but not Carolina wrens. And NONE of them hang around the house where I am. Loved your shots.

    1. I guess we just enjoy whatever beauty we’re blessed with! (I always tell my husband, I take bird pictures because we have birds in the backyard…if we had tigers in the backyard, I’d take tiger pictures!)

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