Slightly Sleety

I was hoping for a snowy morning today, but instead got slightly sleety!
The weather seemed to make the birds rather antsy (they are spoiled to our mild southern winters!) and they wasted no time showing up to gobble food once I filled the feeders.

A Pine Warbler, Downy Woodpecker, and female Cardinal sampled the peanuts…

…as did several Blue Jays (of course) who swooped in to pack their pouches.

Meanwhile, the Bluebirds munched mealworms.

Even the Yellow-rumped Warblers, who are usually too involved in their territorial aerial attacks to sit still for long, called a temporary truce to fuel up.

I am still hoping for a snowy day before winter makes way for spring, but hey – you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit! And slightly sleety really isn’t so bad!

4 thoughts on “Slightly Sleety

  1. I have been putting out peanuts too this winter. I had never seen cardinals interested in peanuts until this year, I didn’t know they liked them! The peanuts are now the first to be eaten, and very quickly too, even if the bluejays don’t show up. Though they usually do, scarfing up as much of the good stuff as they can before anyone else gets any. They are definitely feeder bullies. But the red bellied woodpecker chases them away if she gets there before all the peanuts are gone. She will often share the feeder with the little birds, so I’m always glad to see her take control.

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