Brief But Beautiful

Well, I got my wish! We had a brief but beautiful snowfall this morning.

The skies weren’t bright enough to get many clear photos, but I enjoyed sitting outside amidst the snowflakes and the hungry birds. Here’a a sample of some that braved the elements!

Oh…the Labra-mutts had a fun snow day as well.

And now, I am ready for spring!

5 thoughts on “Brief But Beautiful

  1. We’re getting those big soft flakes floating down gently right now too. Birds are quite frantic and I’ve been out 2x to fill the feeders today. They had a lot of days when we weren’t home and I feel bad about that…they got about 6 inches of snow while we were gone. It sure is pretty..but I agree, spring can show up any time now. But here in Michigan we know that it’s weeks away.

  2. Hello Kathy,
    As always, such beautiful images, the snow is beautiful.
    I hope you and your family are having a good 2020 so far 🙂

    Best wishes from Japan,

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