The Drizzly Dozen

Grey skies and slushy drizzle made for less than ideal lighting for picture taking this afternoon, but, the birds were showing up so I figured I might as well show up too!

Here’s the drizzly dozen that kept me company.

Some were of the brown and beige variety…

…while others wore brighter Autumn hues.

There were those that were mostly monochrome…

…and, of course, the boys of blue.

These beauties turned a damp and dreary day into a delight!

Now, if we can just get a snow day here in Atlanta!

5 thoughts on “The Drizzly Dozen

  1. Lovely. Let’s see, of your birds, the ones I saw in my own backyard today were….just the chickadee, the nuthatch, the titmouse, the downy woodpecker (or hairy?) and of course the bluejay. I have a band of 5 bluejays that pretty much rule the roost, until the female European starling shows up, then SHE rules the roost.

    I bought some ‘bark butter,’ they didn’t call it that but it’s essentially the same. Then I left it in my car and it was hard as a rock and I couldn’t spread it on anything so I brought it back inside and then I forgot about it. So good thing I stopped by and saw it in your photos and remembered. I’ll put some out tomorrow. They are sure hungry little birds!

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