A Lakeside Labra-romp

Although we are still under shelter-in-place orders here in Georgia, the state parks remain open, so we took the “toddlers” to the trails for a much needed Labra-romp. Social distancing was a breeze since, save for a lone jogger, we had the area to ourselves.

Tucker, our three year old beast, is in his happy place when he gets in any body of water. You can pretty much hear him shouting, “I was made for this!” as he bounds about, chasing after the fetch stick.

Two year old Chaco (named for the brand and the breed) is his constant companion. Although her preference would be to follow all the scents along the shoreline, she does enjoy playing in the lake with her brother.

It is so entertaining to watch the two of them racing…kicking up spray…him chasing the toy…and her chasing him! They are both totally intent on their mission!

Every now and then they take a brief toy tugging break, but then it’s back to the dashing and splashing.

I love taking the camera along, although it does sometimes feel like this kind of photography should carry a warning label, like the kind you sometimes see at an amusement park stating, “You will get wet on this ride!”

Seriously though, you can’t help but smile when you see a dog having this much fun.

I think our near future definitely calls for another Labra-romp lake trip!


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