Holly Berry Bandits

Cedar Waxwings are the bird world’s best bandits!

Around the time that my front yard Holly Tree is bursting with berries, these marvelous masked beauties arrive and help themselves to the booty. Since the tree is ginormous, it usually takes them about four days of feasting to strip the tree bare.

The pattern of these “berry-men” (Yes, I am a Robin Hood fan!) is to pillage and plunder and then retreat to the backyard to find a protected place to soak up some sunshine.

Waxwings are highly social and usually hang out as a group…

…often looking like they are enjoying casual conversation with one another.

Because they typically stay in the tree tops, it can be a bit tricky to get a clear shot of them.

Often, just when I think I have one in focus, off he flies!

Along with the plentiful supply of perches, these guys like my backyard because of the water supply. Every now and then one will drop down and take a fountain shower…

…or get a refreshing drink.

They only stick around until the berries are gone and then they move to the next food source, so I was glad to be able to snap a couple of morning shots…

…and a couple where the early evening sun was highlighting their buttery bellies.

These breathtaking bandits are always welcome in my backyard!

8 thoughts on “Holly Berry Bandits

  1. …..wonderful photo essay on these beautiful winged creatures. Adding to their robber baron reputation, I watched from my front window as they went about dismantling what had been a Robin’s nest, twig-by-twig, until nothing of it was left (smile). You’ve made them look all the more adorable, here.

  2. Gorgeous birds. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of them. Love your description of buttery bellies.

  3. I’m sure these beautiful wax wings enjoy your yard as much as you enjoy having them! What an array of wonderful photos… And I always love your delightful narratives.

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