The Blue Jay Ballet

In the midst of this quasi-quarantine brought to us courtesy of Corona, many people are missing their preferred entertainment options…movie theaters remain closed, baseball is still postponed, and restaurants are mostly offering curbside cuisine.

But I am blessed that one of my favorite forms of entertainment is found right in my own backyard and is still in full swing. In fact, lately, my Blue Jays have been giving repeat performances of their “Nutpacker” ballet.

These beauties dip and dive, then twist and turn, gracefully (and greedily) packing in the peanuts.

They execute near-perfect pirouettes…

…and if a misstep is made…

…they simply act as if it was always a part of the planned performance!

There is no set schedule for their show, rather, it seems to be an on-demand performance, taking place moments after I fill the feeders.

These ever-so-entertaining birds are always willing to give a curtain call…just replenish the peanuts and then relax and enjoy the show.

Usually, there is a bird or two waiting in the wings for their time to participate. Or perhaps they are just understudies hoping for a chance to perform.

And of course, they are sure to take a bow before departing.

Yes, the Blue Jay ballet is a five star performance for sure!

10 thoughts on “The Blue Jay Ballet

  1. I have a band of 5 bluejays that commandeer the feeder when I put out oilers or especially peanuts. I haven’t had peanuts for a long time, my bird store is closed but someday I’ll be able to get them more. Peanuts are the favorites for almost every bird that comes to the feeder. If they have a choice they’ll grab the peanut first!

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