Joined By The Juveniles

After the Grosbeak that starred in my previous post fueled up and flew off, another handsome fellow paid a visit to the backyard…

…and this guy brought two juveniles with him, whom we shall call Thing One…

…and Thing Two!

You can see that they are still getting their adult feathers in. For most of their first year these guys look more like their Mama (pictured below) than their Daddy.

This trio stuck around and stocked up on seed for about three days, typically only coming to the feeders in the evening hours when most of the crowd had departed.

Who knows, maybe these youngsters will mark this as a favorite feeding spot and put my backyard buffet on next year’s travel itinerary.

6 thoughts on “Joined By The Juveniles

  1. I’m really disappointed that I haven’t had any grossbeaks yet this season! I usually have one or two. I probably need to put more saflower seed.

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