Gallivanting at the Gardens

Yesterday morning, hubby and I went on an impromptu date to nearby Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

My hope was to get a few Butterfly photos and maybe a Hummingbird or two…and both of these hopes were granted.

This Zebra Longwing (one of my favorites) obliged me by lounging on leaves…

…and feasting on flowers.

He was particularly fond of the Lantana.

A handful of Hummingbirds were also buzzing about.

Some positioned themselves on perches, guarding their territory…

…while others were busy partaking of the flower nectar.

These delightful darters are enjoyable to watch, though difficult to capture in a non-blurry photo.

As always, my hubby patiently toted my camera bag and waited in the summer sun while I snapped pictures. To say I had a hot date would be doubly true!

12 thoughts on “Gallivanting at the Gardens

  1. What an unusual butterfly and such beautiful photographs. Hummingbirds too! You are very lucky with all the amazing wildlife you have near you.

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