An Early Christmas Caroler

A White-throated Sparrow paid me an early morning visit the other day.

This white-bibbed bird who spends the winters in this area always makes me think of Christmas. It has nothing to do with his appearance (although, come to think of it, he does sport a rather snowy beard!) but rather, it’s the song he sings. I promise you, it sounds just as if he is singing, “Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!”

Typically, these little beauties are ground feeders, so I rarely get the chance to take their picture, but this one hopped right up onto the Bark Butter Branch. He only sat there for a second or two, but his visit left me wondering, “Is is too early to put up my Christmas tree?”

4 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Caroler

  1. One of my fondest memories was sitting watching a beaver pond in winter with my daughter and hearing our first ever White-throated Sparrow. A small spark for birds started in her that cold morning. William

  2. Never too early for the Christmas tree. I have a sparrow that has the white stripes on his head, but not the santa beard. I will have to look my guy (or girl) up. I’m waiting for a reasonably nice day (read above 40 and not raining) to put up lights on our outdoor CHristmas tree. Don’t have to turn them ON yet, but would be nice to put them up when it’s not miserable outside.

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