In Search of Berried Treasure

I had the Labra-mutts out for a bit of exercise when a rustling in the overhead leaves caught my attention.

It was a Wood Thrush (not a common visitor in my backyard) hopping about the Dogwood branches.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the Robins had pretty much stripped the tree clean, so instead, I picked up my camera and snapped a few shots as he scavenged about in search of berried treasure.

I was happy for him when he nestled in amidst a cluster of leaves…

…and then emerged with a bright red berry in his mouth.

With his bronzy browns and speckled creams, this guy (or gal) could easily be the poster bird for a Fall Feathers catalogue. His warm rich tones are even more beautiful in person.

I’m so glad that there was still a berry or two left for him to discover.

10 thoughts on “In Search of Berried Treasure

  1. Glad he/she made their presence known to you. Love the photo with the berry in its mouth. Your description of warm tones etc. was bang on. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty that we can overlook in these trying times. These reminders of God’s blessings give us hope.

  2. I so enjoyed these wood thrush photos, thank you. Rich autumnal colors, and the berry-swallowing photo is espec. dazzling. Nice title too.

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