Practically Perfect

Glorious! Radiant! Brilliant! – As wonderful as these words are they really don’t do justice when it comes to describing a male Pine Warbler’s appearance.

I am blessed to have this sunshiny fellow as a regular visitor in my backyard, and no matter how many times I see him, his beauty makes me pause and marvel.

His female counterpart is lovely too, only in a much more subtle manner.

I’m glad this guy isn’t all that skittish. In fact, he is usually willing to stick around and pose for awhile. Perhaps he feels it’s the least he can do since I make sure he has a plentiful supply of food and water.

Often, before he eats, he will raise his head and offer his warbly song – one melodious note after another.

The male Pine Warbler really is the total package – dashingly handsome, a charming personality, and a sweet songster.

Perhaps the words of Mary Poppins sum him up best, “practically perfect in every way”!

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    1. Another big difference between warblers and finches is the bill shape. The pointy, narrow bill is a warbler trait. Finches have a more robust bill with a broader base.

      What obliging birds! These are beautiful photos.

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